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wingding. Flash Fiction wingding3

“I consider whoever my words land on to be my target, that’s why I like flash fiction, it’s a lot like using a shotgun.” ~ Neil Leckman

When not writing novels or novellas, Shadow Summit likes writing flash fiction. It’s like a photo, because it’s like a snippet of a memory or story captured in a way that you know there is a bigger story and meaning behind it but you don’t necessarily need to be told it. Besides that, flash fiction is a quick read but Shadow’s goal is to fill them with emotions and leave you thinking or crying or laughing at the end of it all.

wingding. Space Series wingding3

“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Wanting to capture the beauty, danger and fascination of space, Shadow wrote a series of flash fiction based around the planets. Through the stories, the planets are represented as almost human characters, each with a personality imagined by thier different scientific characteristics and also thought to their history in mythology, etc.

2017-10-08 (12)




2017-10-08 (5)


2017-10-08 (11)

2017-10-08 (10)

2017-10-08 (9)

2017-10-08 (7)

2017-10-08 (6)

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2017-10-20 (3)


2017-10-08 (3)

2017-10-08 (4)

2017-10-08 (1)

2017-10-08 (2)

01-Home Alone


3-The Lighthouse Keeper



6-A Letter To You


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