The Sun

wingding. The Sun wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

He is the center of the universe, the force holding everything in cycle. The other planets revolve around him, he is the ruler amongst them. He is even considered a deity by the other planets and he well deserves the name.

He is made out of vapor, a hot gas that shines with immense light. His robes float around him and his hair is long and untamed. Many do not dare to look at his might but those who do are blinded.

He provides warmth in the desolate expanse of deep dark space. Warmth is what he is, but beware if you draw too close. The same thing that makes him comforting could end up destroying those who approach.

He knows he cannot get close to those he helps keep alive and in motion. He sits in the middle of his empire and watches them spin. He looks over his children, the Stars. They provide dots of light to guide his important planets. Sometimes he gets jealous of his little children, who can be so close to his precious subjects, but he knows that distance is his sacrifice as a ruler.

So he watches alone from his central position, guiding them each in their path. Providing light, warmth and comfort to all of his subjects.

This is Part One of a new series of short passages set on space and planets. Space has always fascinated me and I though why not make a series while I’m inspired. Also I may not always be factually correct, but I shall try. 🙂 Well, I hope you enjoy this short series! ❤

As always, you guys are awesome! Let me know if you like it and would like more!



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