wingding. Saturn wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

Sister of Jupiter, she has the same smooth caramel coloured skin and has a strand of pearls around her neck. She is sometimes considered an angel due to her many halos and rings. These halos lure you in but she turns out to have an icy personality and rock hard determination. For she is no angel and thus surrounds herself with friends who are destructive forces.

Her ‘friends’ rise and fall, destroying each other as even more rise to be by Saturn’s side. They are ice cold and she just watches them, like puppets on her strings.

She is proud, but unlike her sister, she uses it to manipulate others. Her mind is like a storm of chaotic thoughts and plans. She likes the destruction and uses her power to cause more chaos. She has layers of pride and coldness that the other planets are wary of.

Part 7 of the Space Series. Hope you enjoyed! You guys are awesome.



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