Project Launch!!

Hey there my Ryllian Recruits! I have some exciting news for you all. I know I’ve been away, and the break from releasing content may still be real for a few more months. However, I’ve been working on a project and it’s just been launched. There is now a new site of adventure and stories! […]

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The Dam (Short Story)

The Dam Short Story By: Shadow Summit My mother told me to never play near the large dam in front of our house.  Whether childlike rebelliousness or perhaps the lure of water adventures, my brothers and I ever took our mother’s warnings to heart. When the dam overflowed into wetlands either side of its bank, […]

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Red Passage by Shadow Summit She always wears red. Scarlet silk drapes across her curves and delicately skims the floor. The colour red symbolizes extreme emotions such as love, anger, danger and adventure. She possesses all these characteristics and wears them with pride. In all of this, above all, she is honest. She doesn’t do things […]

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Freedom Stallion

Freedom Stallion Short Story/Flash Fiction by Shadow Summit I heard the horse before I saw it, its hooves thudded on the earth in a quick rhythm. My eyes turned to the horizon where the horse topped the rise, the sun illuminating it’s amber coat. Its four white socks were stained brown from where mud had […]

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A Girl’s Best Friend

Hey guys, I’ve decided to stop apologizing for late posts, because although I am sorry and annoyed with myself for not releasing all the stories and posts I want to, life has a habit of changing your plans. This week was an interesting week and I use the word ‘interesting’ as a good and bad […]

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City of the Deep

Hey guys, Today, I’m back with a short story. This is inspired by the game Song of the Deep made by Insomniac Games. I was introduced to this game by a small YouTuber, Nerdy Silhouette. If you have a chance to play or watch this game I would highly recommend it. It has a beautiful ambiance […]

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The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher Short Story By: Shadow Summit Her hands were wrinkled and dry as they twisted a fine red yarn around a willow hoop. Her dark eyes were filled with memories as she crafted the object in her hands. Her warm brown skin on her cheeks were loose and folded however a smile played at […]

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