A Letter to You

Hi there! What’s up my friend? Is it the ceiling, sky, universe, multi-coloured balloons or maybe rainbows dotted with lollipops? Would you like to come and find a nice forest with a thick carpet of rich green grass? Perhaps we can put flowers in our hair, dip our feet in a cool stream and frolic […]

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Shifting Sands (Part Seven)

Shifting Sands Chapter Seven Hasib had sensed the sandstorm coming, shortly before the billowing wall of sand had appeared. The breeze, which had been blowing gently since that afternoon, began to get stronger. It grew into a billowing wind, stirring up the sand around Hasib. Hasib knew that if he was caught in the open, […]

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Let’s Talk: Seasonal Feelings

Picture above by: DarK–MatteR Hey there everyone, So I haven’t written any more stories, or at least haven’t finished any chapters recently to post… (I’m literally so depressed about it). So instead I give you another filler Let’s Talk session. So it is currently winter in Australia and I am cold and miserable. I live […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 8)

Ravel fell ungracefully from the saddle and almost rolled into the shrubs along the thin path. His horse started to panic, it’s hooves stomping the ground near Ravel’s head. Ravel rolled over once more, out of the stampeding horse hooves. Ravel cursed as several branches scratched his exposed forearms. His legs and stomach began to cool, as the mud dampened his clothes and moisture seeped through.
“Everyone okay?” Prynda called.

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