The Raven’s Birth

wingding. The Raven’s Birth wingding3

By: Shadow Summit

Ravel Hehir faces an overwhelmed, hellish boredom every day. His mind is sharp, his observations extremely keen, yet his heart is exhausted from the constant drone of other peoples lives. After a snap of composure one night, Ravel finds himself forced into a task force. Now he’s part of a team, surrounded by expectations, conversations and people who are relying on him.

Through discoveries and tragedy, Ravel is reborn. However, can things really change, or will the dull drone of life swallow any hope for his future? And what is with the dark, unseen presence watching his every move?

Teaser/First Look Chapters:

2017-08-17 (3)

2017-08-17 (4)

2017-08-17 (5)


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