wingding. Earth wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

She is the sister of Venus and mother to those living under her care. She is beautiful beyond compare, a sign of life in the whole of the universe. Her hair is a waterfall of clear blue waters and she is wrapped in green and brown cloth. Her clothing is dotted with colourful flowers and she wears jewelry made of pure white clouds. All the animals are her friends and she breathes life-giving oxygen from her lungs. In her hands she holds her most precious possession, humanity.

She relies on her leader, the Sun, to provide warmth and light for her people. She admires all her fellow planets and a majority of her people mirror her passion for the universe.

Some under her care sometimes try to poison and kill her. Her hair is dyed brown and green with pollution and her jewelry take on a smoggy colour. Animals perish and are accepted back into the earth, their souls return to her heart. Despite this, there are others who protect her, her people and her animals. Not all change is bad but she does warn her people to be considerate. Her inhabitants cause her both joy and pain, however she wouldn’t change a thing.

Part 4 of the Space Series. Hope you enjoyed! You guys are awesome.




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