wingding. Mercury wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

He is the Sun’s right-hand man and messenger. Unlike his leader, he doesn’t wear robes of grandeur. His armor is rock hard and dark grey. The armor has dents and deep scratches are carved into his skin from years of battles.

Despite his plain robes, other planets in the space see him as a gleaming example. He is loyal to his leader and the fastest amongst his space peers. Since others cannot come close to their ruler, the Sun, Mercury is tasked with the job of messenger.

He is under the Sun’s direct power and heat, which many would consider unbearable. He however doesn’t retain any regret past nightfall. He is incredibly cool and reserved but also has a hot temper simmering below the surface.

No greater duty could he have received and no-one greater could have been chosen.

Part 2 of the Space Series. Hope you enjoyed! You guys are awesome.



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