He is the Sun’s right-hand man and messenger. Unlike his leader, he doesn’t wear robes of grandeur. His armor is rock hard and dark grey. The armor has dents and deep scratches are carved into his skin from years of battles. Despite his plain robes, other planets in the space see him as a gleaming […]

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The Sun

He is the center of the universe, the force holding everything in cycle. The other planets revolve around him, he is the ruler amongst them. He is even considered a deity by the other planets and he well deserves the name. He is made out of vapor, a hot gas that shines with immense light. […]

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Have you ever sat down and just watched the movement of the clouds as time goes by? On days with only a few clouds, they form slowly. They grow from a single white sliver into a fluffy cotton ball. In the same way they form however they can disappear. As they drift slowly across the […]

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What is time? People often answer: ‘Time is something that goes by too fast’ ‘Time is something you treasure’ ‘Time creeps up on you, young’un, and before you know it, you’re as old as me!’ As a child I imagined that this ‘Time’ was most definitely a person who was so verily portrayed by people, […]

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Thump…thump. My bruised feet hit the ground Badump…badump My heart beats in my chest Rustle…rustle The bushes move behind me Pant…pant I can almost feel his breath Throb…throb The wounds on my wrist pulse Bark…bark The voice of my pursuer Drip…drip Tears fall from my eyes Stumble…stumble My elbows hits the ground Snap…snap He has […]

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Just Write?

Okay guys, I have a question. For some reason I have a mindset that I can’t have too many Let’s Talks in a row and that I should release new chapters of my current stories before I write anything else… However, what about if I can’t get inspired? I’m a writer, it’s in my mind, […]

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