Project Launch!!

Hey there my Ryllian Recruits! I have some exciting news for you all. I know I’ve been away, and the break from releasing content may still be real for a few more months. However, I’ve been working on a project and it’s just been launched. There is now a new site of adventure and stories! […]

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WordPress Writers Skype Group

Hey there recruits! I know I’ve been away but you won’t believe what I’ve been doing! It all started when I met a small, ferret-like creature in the woods near my house. Well, I thought it was a ferret, though I didn’t really see it. I guess it could have been a rabbit. It actually […]

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Let’s Talk: Announcement

Image by Mistiquestudio on Deviantart Okay everyone, it has come a time when things are changing. It has taken years of humming and haring, tossing and turning, but I’ve taken the leap. Now it may not seem like a big thing to many, but to me, its like going to the moon. I’m just joking, […]

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DRA Co. Advertisement

Dragon Rights and Accommodation Company (DRA Co.) was founded by Varyn Madaya after encountering a green dragon who happened to be living in an… inconvenient position. You see this dragon, Zelna, had begun a nest in a rocky gorge which was a pathway between a large town and farming land. Thus many travellers began to fear the […]

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