WordPress Writers Skype Group

Hey there recruits! I know I’ve been away but you won’t believe what I’ve been doing! It all started when I met a small, ferret-like creature in the woods near my house. Well, I thought it was a ferret, though I didn’t really see it. I guess it could have been a rabbit. It actually […]

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Quiet (Flash Fiction)

Quiet Flash Fiction by Shadow Summit He stood still at the end of his concrete driveway with one hand raised as a last goodbye to his son and three grandchildren. He lent on his walking frame as his deep wrinkles returned to their resting position as the smile faded from his mouth. His suddenly tired […]

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Goodbye (Poem)

Goodbye Poem by ShadowSummit Sweeping darkness And endless plains Fills me with alertness Shakes me with shooting pains   Staying alert Through the long nights Dealing with the hurt Putting up with our fights   People don’t understand They don’t hear your words It’s not splayed out on a newsstand It’s only me who knows […]

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