Let’s Talk: Regretful Update

Hey there Ryllian Recruits! How are all you wonderful people going? I hope you are all going well and that lots of writing and projects are getting finished. Hope your smashing your goals for the year! Okay so this post is semi-serious, semi-sad and semi-justanotherpost. So as you know I haven’t really been posting much […]

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Let’s Talk: Upcoming Project

Hey there you wonderful people! Ah I’ve missed you all. ❤ I seriously need to get my schedule into gear so I can start interacting with you all again. I’m finally getting settled into study, although I’ve been struggling with other stuff, but I won’t go into details. I don’t want to become that one […]

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Quick Update

Hey there Ryllian Recruits and Adventurers! Ah, how are you all going? Right now, I’m sitting in an air-conditioned room and still feeling warm because the temperature is 42 degrees Celsius/108 degree Fahrenheit. It is boiling outside and even inside meaning little has been done in the way of housework… but lets admit… housework can […]

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Let’s Talk: Co-writing

Hey guys, So today I thought I’d discuss or talk about co-writing books or short stories or songs or poems, etc. Now when I imagine two writers coming together to write I must admit I think it’s like this gif below. With two creative minds together making something beautiful. Daww, who wouldn’t want to co-write […]

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