She is the fire of the universe, the most vengeful of them all. Her temper alone deters anyone from approaching however that is not her only defense. Clouds of acidic curls, form hair on her head and her sandy, rough skin tempts no one. Her sulfuric scent suffocates anyone who gets too close.

She is extremely different from her twin sister, Earth, however she stays by her side. She goes against the current, moving through the universe in her own time and pattern.

An astronomer on her sister planet once fell for her. He described that she was like a bright light in the early morning and evening. He saw the brightness and studied her with great love. For the only time in her existence, Venus was jealous of her sister. Many years passed since the death of the astronomer, but she keeps his memory with her.

She is her own planet but she has a wariness to her nature. To this day, however, there are decedents of her astronomer love who still admire her shining light in the night sky.


Part 3 of the Space Series. Hope you enjoyed! You guys are awesome.




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