wingding. Blue wingding3

Flash Fiction by Shadow Summit

Blue had always been his favourite colour and he believe that no other could compare. Others tried to convince him that blue represented sadness, yet he had never found anything related to the colour sad.

From the colour of the sky on a fine, clear day to the dark blue stained water of a lake. He realised he loved the colour when he gazed into his lover’s cobalt blue eyes. He could remember the ribbon on his sons first sock had been pale, soft baby blue against the starch white. His daughter bought him a hideous geometric blue tie, which he wore with great pride to every formal event from that day onward.

Even when his sight faded and he could no longer see, he always said that blue was the most vivid colour in his mind. He said it wasn’t just a pretty colour but that it also held wonderful, happy memories that he would never forget.

~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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