The Lighthouse Keeper

Dear Mother and Father,

I never thought things would have ever turned out this way nor that I would be in the position I am right now. It has taken me many years to come to the point of writing this and tell you what has really been happening in my life.

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The Ryllian Army

  You squeeze through the door of your local tavern and the smell of alcohol and stew, drifts through your senses. It has been a long day and despite all their feeble attempts, your fellow workers had been of little help. You still wonder if perhaps you’ll get a raise this month, after all you’ve […]

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Guardian Angel

Hi guys, I have just a short passage for you today, which was inspired by a character in my NaNoWriMo story, Sorrow’s Blade. I can’t give too much away but one character is being hurt and his thoughts are for his ‘guardian angel’. Warning this is a pretty cheesy poem, but hey, let me know what you […]

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Let’s Talk: Killing Characters

Hey everyone! Now, I’m going to warn you, this isn’t an informed post with hours of research behind it. This post is only my random musings that I thought of while writing my NaNoWriMo novel. Character deaths can be sad, heartbreaking, vengeful and, on some rare occasions, perfectly satisfying. It all depends on who they […]

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