Guardian Angel

wingding. Guardian Angel wingding3

Poem by Shadow Summit

Her eyes see through my walls

My initial reservations falls

Her gentle smile enthralls

I wait for her in these empty halls


Others purposely hurt me

They don’t listen to my plea

I feel like I want to flee

But her healing touch sets me free


However this wasn’t meant to last

These memories are in my past

Although my love for her is vast

Time passes way too fast


Though my wounds were painful

She remained faithful

My hope in this pit of hell

She remains my guardian angel

Hi guys,

I have just a short passage for you today, which was inspired by a character in my novel, Sorrow’s Blade. I can’t give too much away but one character is being hurt and his thoughts are for his ‘guardian angel’.

Yes, it’s a pretty cheesy poem, but hey, let me know what you think 😀

Thanks for reading!

You guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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