Shifting Sands

wingding. Shifting Sands wingding3

By: Shadow Summit

Hasib Asad is independent, thoughtful and talented. While visiting his sister, Fariha, after years away from home, he once again clashes with his father, Malek, a powerful glass merchant.  However, the family’s secrets and betrayals of the past threaten to separate the siblings forever. When Fariha chooses her brother over her clan, Malek’s wrath is against Hasib more than before. However, Hasib faces scarier and more dangerous threats in the desert than his raging half-orc father.

Can they work through the issues or does the past intend on keeping a firm grip over all their fates?

Teaser/First Look Chapters:


2017-08-17 (1)

2017-08-17 (2)


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