Writer’s Musings ~ #1

wingding. Writer’s Musings ~ #1 wingding3

Musings by: Shadow Summit

I’m bringing a new series to my blog, and this is the first post!

For a while, I’ve wanted to start sharing some more personal thoughts or musings that I often think over but never felt like I had a platform to discuss it with others. Initially, I began this blog for my fiction endeavours into fantasy worlds and relatable characters, however, I soon found that as I grow, I begin to have more serious discussion worthy thoughts. Maturity does wonders to ones thought processes, I swear.

I thought about starting a separate blog for my musings and keep my fiction writing separate on here, however, even that thought got me to thinking.

Our art is often merely seen as a hobby or a source of entertainment. Writers are thought of as people who sit on beaches or in log cabins, sipping on wine and cocktails while staring off into the distance. I will bet that if you ask anyone who has published a decent book whether their writing was a breeze with no struggles or multiple rewrites and edits they would laugh because writing a novel/book is a difficult task. We needn’t admit to the doubters that a lot of us actually dream towards a day where we live out their misconception of writers and do actually do our writing on a beach or in front of a cosy fire, drinking and eating while the royalties roll on in, but that’s a technicality I won’t touch on too deeply.

Often writers, especially fantasy and fiction writers are seen to be lost in their imaginations, which we are, but not in the airhead way some may think. Some may think we blind ourselves to the real world with the fake veil of fiction. I like to believe that, in fact, a lot of us are more grounded in the real truth of the world than many others allow themselves to be. Yes, our stories may be fictitious, but they can be grounded in truth.

We can’t create stories that bring people to tears if we ourselves haven’t felt that pain or know that pain. If we were to write about emotions we know nothing about, we would fail dismally, and our stories would indeed feel fake. I mean, we have the lesson of “story truth” constantly drilled into us by our literary teachers, why would we ignore that.

Writers can inspire, rally a cause, raise awareness, make a reader happy and encourage them. We can write on a personal level, addressing the individual reader, or we can capture a wider audience or group. A writer is a beautiful addition to the world, and I would bet that many of us have very well-formed thoughts and opinions on the variety of life. Of course, some of us are just eccentric old souls at heart who actually look forward to the day we can yell at kids on our lawn and then invite them in for cookies and a spin a tale about Yuna the Yellow Zebra, rather than worry about the turmoils of taking sides on the wars of influential world leaders.
However, this series won’t be a way to share my opinions on the arguments like you see on twitter and on the news, I couldn’t care less about them. Instead, I plan to write on varying subjects such as the love and admiration for screenwriters to combatting the evil self-hating moments most of us face in our lives.

I’ve decided that fiction writing and deeper inner thoughts go hand in hand so I won’t be separating them to separate blogs. I secretly think they actually like each other but keep it hush-hush, they get embarrassed easily.

Let me know what your own thoughts on this are. I look forward to rambling and sharing my musings with you next time!

Stay Awesome!


(c)ShadowSummit 2016-2018

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