Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Hey everyone, Well, it’s 2017 and boy I can hardly believe that 2016 has passed so quickly. I greeted 2017 by… well I was fast asleep actually. XD I know that’s pretty uninviting of me and I hope it doesn’t hold it against me. I just appreciate rest far too much. 😀 […]

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Christmas Artwork

Hey guys! It’s only three sleeps till Christmas. I feel like that’s something I only heard when I was a child. People don’t seem to say that to adults… Anyway, Christmas or the Holidays, if you prefer, is here. I’ve been planning menu’s and cleaning house. Although for some reason I left cleaning to the […]

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He and She

His favorite colour was red Hers was blue She loved summer He preferred winter He watched all the latest movies She held marathons of classic old films He barely touched books Her room was filled with them She liked to go on adventures through nature He preferred the safety and warmth of his own home […]

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Good Old Days

8:06pm The time glowed green on the dashboard of a silver car and the radio played a random mix of music through the stereo system. The bell on the corgi charm on a set of keys jingled slightly as the car turned the tight corner almost too quickly. The female driver checked her speed and […]

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Fruity Surprise!

Hey my beautiful readers! Today I’m going to bring you a snippet of a short story I’m writing for a friend of mine. I also want to involve you guys in the process! My friend runs a cafe by herself which she has named “One Wild Apple” so I decided that I wanted to create […]

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Shifting Sands (Part Thirteen)

Shifting Sands Chapter Thirteen The next day Hasib slept in late, the long night of keeping watch for the Barc and several days of travel had taken its toll. It was well past lunch when a Ramili child snuck into his darkened room and woke him with a gentle whisper. Hasib awoke almost immediately and […]

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