Shifting Sands (Part Two)

Shifting Sands Chapter Two “Where have you been these two years?” Fariha spoke quietly. Fariha had already prepared two glasses and had retrieved a bottle of wine from somewhere in the tent. She poured herself a small glass and was more generous with Hasib’s portion. “Here and there,” Hasib answered casually. “What about you? Found […]

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Thanks and Feedback

Hey there everyone! I thought I’d take this time to thank everyone who have followed me and for everyone who liked my posts. Firstly I’d like to thank all my followers and say that you should all go and check out their blogs. Jlriexinger                  Sableyes                     Dr. Joseph Suglia     Andrew Toy   […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 3)

It was dawn the next morning and Ravel had been ‘prepared’ for the journey. He had been stripped of his cloths and left to bathe, while his clothes were washed. A warm bath, which anyone else would have thought to be a luxury, was something Ravel dreaded. He didn’t care that others might think him […]

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Shifting Sands (Part One)

One of the caravans were already setting off for the city at this point in time and the sun had begun to set on the dunes. The caravan travelled at night, due to the harsh heat that daytime brought. The dunes didn’t bring much danger at night, especially if you were on the move. So as the group of wagons moved slowly over a large dune, no-one noticed a figure standing watching from a distance.

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 2)

The rusty iron gate groaned open, after the clanking of keys unlocked it. Ravel opened his eyes, but remained still as he lent against the hard stone wall. He hadn’t been asleep and he had resorted to daydreaming to pass the time. Ravel also had to distract himself from the hollow feeling in his stomach. […]

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The Street Urchin (Part Two)

Tiga stood in the middle of the street, a stream of mist rising as she breathed quietly. The silver moon was full and its pale glow illuminated the entire street. No-one was out this evening, the chilly breeze would make even the bravest huddle around a fire. Tiga became aware that her feet were beginning […]

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