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wingding. Dragon Rights and Accommodation Company wingding3

Written by: Gernot Clonkeror

Edited by: Shadow Summit

Dragon Rights and Accommodation Company (DRA Co.) was founded by Varyn Madaya after encountering a green dragon who happened to be living in an… inconvenient position.

You see this dragon, Zelna, had begun a nest in a rocky gorge which was a pathway between a large town and farming land. Thus many travellers began to fear the dragon, although up to that point she had only attacked animals. Dragons are mostly fearsome looking beasts after all, and Zelna was no exception. With wings sharp enough to slice branches for her nest and eyes, with black irises, that could spot a cricket in the dead of night.

When Varyn arrived on the scene, several hunting parties had already attacked Zelna. The hunters, covered from head to foot in heavy armour and carrying strong crossbows, were mostly unsuccessful. A majority were knocked from the nest, and toppled to their messy end in the bottom of the gorge. Others were severely wounded by Zelna’s defending wing movements, which sliced through flesh and bone as if it were butter.

Slowly turning draconic himself, Varyn sympathized with the dragon’s plight. After charismatically speaking with both Zelna and the village elders near by, the dragon was lead to a new, secluded position in the gorge. Varyn may have used a certain magical aspect to help convince the elders, but they never realized so it’s fine.

After seeing Zelna settled properly in a her new home, Varyn decided to doing something further. Partnering with several allies, he built the Dragon Rights and Accomodation Company from the ground up, developing resources and friends in order to support these defenceless dragons. Protecting them in their weakness, standing shoulder to shoulder alongside them in times of hunger and need. The mediator, between man and dragon.

With the help of Tiga Athanar, his trusted assistant and bodyguard, Varyn now travels the world seeking to help out any troubled dragons. After all Dragons need lawyers too… Right?

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