Daydreamer Project Update #2 Febuary and March

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Update #2 February and March

Hey there, Ryllian Recruits!

It’s been a hot minute. Does anyone else even use that saying? I do!

So I’ve been going through radio silence for pretty much two months, and I’ll admit I just needed to take a longer break to get some life things in order. I’ve liked a couple of tweets on twitter but otherwise, I’ve been on Instagram, and that’s pretty much it.

So how is the Daydreamer Project going? Um… yeah… not great.

I’ll admit that I was super inspired in the beginning but, I won’t lie, when different duties in life pile up, I put aside the dreamer in me for the practicality of the moment.

The inspirer in me continues to think of post ideas with certain mental struggles I’ve personally experienced as inspiration, but I also think that this blog isn’t that kind of blog. I planned for this to be a place for my dreamer; for the stories and for the fantasy of magical moments.

It’s crazy to think that I haven’t written anything substantial for two months and I wonder how I kept sane. Work and moving house was a stressful distraction, and also the cause of my break, and as long as I don’t stop, I can get through a day without crying out the bottled up emotions.

It’s easy to think that you’re alone in your emotions and inner thoughts, and just wallow, but you just have to work through them. I’ve begun to appreciate the people that are around me, and it’s helped. I have two awesome girls (Mystic and Nerdy) who are so chill that they help make me smile and relax, even if they don’t realise it. I also have other friends, one of who is a natural when it comes to jokes and puns (and being generally awesome) which is always a sure way to make me smile.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that life has been hard, but finding beauty in things is slowly bringing the dreamer in me back to life, and with some further hard work and focus and good tunes, I plan to get back into the rhythm of creativity.

So I won’t list my dot points for the project this time since I’m a failure, but I want to thank all the new followers for following and also to say that I’m hopefully back with one post a week and then picking up to two a week. Because we all like achievable goals, right! 😀

So now I’ve rambled for a bit, thank you, awesome people, for reading.

Leave a comment if you ever go through these self-doubts and struggles and how you combat them.

Stay Awesome!!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

3 thoughts on “Daydreamer Project Update #2 Febuary and March

  1. I know the feeling of trying to force some inspiration so as to mould into something I would consider remotely worthwhile all too well. Tending to life’s necessities can help to remove them from your to do list so you’re doing the right thing.

    Best of luck to you.


    1. Thanks, Stuart! Creating the magical creatures and beings of a land can be exhausting but also rewarding, so while life’s necessities must be dealt with, as writers we also have the duty of tending to the creation of heroes to combat the villains of the land. 😀 Thanks again!


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