The Mouse and the Unicorn King (Part One)

Hectic. That one word described the entire situation that was unfurling around a male halfling, as he stood in a small study area. There were fireballs flying and a wolf reading a book, among other strange things. There had been nary a quiet moment since he’d accepted a mission assigned to him by the secret organisation, the Duskrunners. The mission was to accompany a task force, hired by the King of Varian.

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Let’s Talk: The Future

The Future To me when I write ‘The Future’ it feels so ominous and exciting and to be honest a little bit frightening. I’ve technically been writing since I was eleven or so years of age, books I mean. The first story I ever wrote was a small yet an obvious story inspired by Anne […]

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Letter from a Comrade

To my dear friend and comrade Flor, How are you? Have the last few months treated you well, or are those grey hairs more apparent. The last time I saw you, I can’t say it was a wonderful parting. You had my blood covering your hands and you looked as if you had been the […]

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