The Mouse and the Unicorn King (Part One)

Hectic. That one word described the entire situation that was unfurling around a male halfling, as he stood in a small study area. There were fireballs flying and a wolf reading a book, among other strange things. There had been nary a quiet moment since he’d accepted a mission assigned to him by the secret organisation, the Duskrunners. The mission was to accompany a task force, hired by the King of Varian.

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Let’s Talk: The Future

The Future To me when I write ‘The Future’ it feels so ominous and exciting and to be honest a little bit frightening. I’ve technically been writing since I was eleven or so years of age, books I mean. The first story I ever wrote was a small yet an obvious story inspired by Anne […]

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Letter from a Comrade

To my dear friend and comrade Flor, How are you? Have the last few months treated you well, or are those grey hairs more apparent. The last time I saw you, I can’t say it was a wonderful parting. You had my blood covering your hands and you looked as if you had been the […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 5)

Painful spasms coursed through Ravel’s buttocks and down his legs. He rolled his shoulders for about the fifth time in that minute, and lifted one hand to pull the hood further over his head. Constant rain fell, tingling on his face and hands almost as if they had begun to fall asleep. They pushed on […]

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The Street Urchin (Part Five)

“A purple store?” Tiga asked incredulously. The shock Tiga felt to her eyes with the bright colour was evident in a raised eyebrow and crinkled nose. They had arrived in the village next to the lake and that’s when they had come across the general store. It was simple enough in design, made of planks […]

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