City of the Deep

Hey guys, Today, I’m back with a short story. This is inspired by the game Song of the Deep made by Insomniac Games. I was introduced to this game by a small YouTuber, Nerdy Silhouette. If you have a chance to play or watch this game I would highly recommend it. It has a beautiful ambiance […]

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~ For You ~

Hey there Ryllian Recruits and Fellow Adventurers! So today is a day, and in this day people celebrate an event I usually ignore and have never really taken attention to. Today is: It’s a day in which lovers exchange gifts… or refuse to exchange gifts because they believe it to be just an event set […]

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Quick Update

Hey there Ryllian Recruits and Adventurers! Ah, how are you all going? Right now, I’m sitting in an air-conditioned room and still feeling warm because the temperature is 42 degrees Celsius/108 degree Fahrenheit. It is boiling outside and even inside meaning little has been done in the way of housework… but lets admit… housework can […]

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The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher Short Story By: Shadow Summit Her hands were wrinkled and dry as they twisted a fine red yarn around a willow hoop. Her dark eyes were filled with memories as she crafted the object in her hands. Her warm brown skin on her cheeks were loose and folded however a smile played at […]

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100 Followers! Thank you!

Hey there my wonderful Ryllian Recruits!! So last night, at 11:19pm, as I sat bleary eyed thinking that I really should go to bed instead of watching random YouTube videos, I turned on my phone and checked my email notifications. And guess what! I just received my 100th Follower on Tales Of Ryllia. I am […]

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