The Street Urchin

wingding. The Street Urchin wingding3

By Shadow Summit

An orphan and outcast, Tiga Athanar, wishes to escape the restrictive confines of the town of Voldair. After being beaten and left for dead, she is helped by a couple, Colvan and Milna. But there is a sorcerer presence in the shadows, threatening to keep her in town forever.

Transported to another world, Tiga finds herself discovering new friends but a dark threat also threatens that place. She now has to discern what is real and what isn’t. Most of all what is the real threat that she’s facing, when all she can see is smoke and mirrors?

Teaser/First Look Chapters:

2017-08-17 (6)

2017-08-17 (7)

2017-08-17 (8)


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