Project Launch!!

Hey there my Ryllian Recruits! I have some exciting news for you all. I know I’ve been away, and the break from releasing content may still be real for a few more months. However, I’ve been working on a project and it’s just been launched. There is now a new site of adventure and stories! […]

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Let’s Talk: Regretful Update

Hey there Ryllian Recruits! How are all you wonderful people going? I hope you are all going well and that lots of writing and projects are getting finished. Hope your smashing your goals for the year! Okay so this post is semi-serious, semi-sad and semi-justanotherpost. So as you know I haven’t really been posting much […]

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Narnia Book Tag

Hey there Ryllian Recruits, I was tagged by CreativeMinds101 a week or so ago, to take part in the Narnia Book Tag. I have indeed read and watched all the books and movies and I quite enjoy the series. Nightsong of CreativeMinds101 is totally amazing and her writing and everything is awesome. She’s always supportive […]

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The Dam (Short Story)

The Dam Short Story By: Shadow Summit My mother told me to never play near the large dam in front of our house.  Whether childlike rebelliousness or perhaps the lure of water adventures, my brothers and I ever took our mother’s warnings to heart. When the dam overflowed into wetlands either side of its bank, […]

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WordPress Writers Skype Group

Hey there recruits! I know I’ve been away but you won’t believe what I’ve been doing! It all started when I met a small, ferret-like creature in the woods near my house. Well, I thought it was a ferret, though I didn’t really see it. I guess it could have been a rabbit. It actually […]

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Quiet (Flash Fiction)

Quiet Flash Fiction by Shadow Summit He stood still at the end of his concrete driveway with one hand raised as a last goodbye to his son and three grandchildren. He lent on his walking frame as his deep wrinkles returned to their resting position as the smile faded from his mouth. His suddenly tired […]

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