Letter from a Comrade

To my dear friend and comrade Flor, How are you? Have the last few months treated you well, or are those grey hairs more apparent. The last time I saw you, I can’t say it was a wonderful parting. You had my blood covering your hands and you looked as if you had been the […]

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Creation of Ryllia

In the early years of the realm, Ryllia was a single faction, housing all races and classes. They all shared the land together peacefully for years, respect and devotion to the overall health of the country was forefront in the realms mind. During this time however a high general, Yuke Noybe, became power hungry and […]

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Overall Map of Ryllia

Here’s a map of Ryllia! Ryllia is a vast land with many opportunities and even more places to travel to and explore. With this overall map you can see all the different provinces that make up Ryllia including the main island which is the centre point of the country. If you have any questions feel […]

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