Let’s Talk: Quick Update

Hey there everyone! Okay, so I haven’t uploaded for what seems likes weeks. However, I have an excuse prepared, I have been rather unwell and thus writing halted for a while. But I’m back, fitter than ever and with the fastest typing fingers I’ve ever had. Well maybe not all that, but I’m pumped for […]

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Shifting Sands (Part Three)

Shifting Sands Chapter Three The wedding of Malek Asad was to be a grand event indeed, and the feast would last for a full four days. The news of Malek and the beautiful Rana spread fast, the quick turnaround for the wedding ensured the speedy preparation of those who were to attend. Although Malek had […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 4)

Dervon had grounded his stance, his legs apart and his feet flat on the ground. His staff was held vertical to his body and his calloused hands held onto it tightly. Ravel however was light on his feet and was continuously shifting his weight from leg to leg. The moment the fight started however, Ravel […]

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The Street Urchin (Part Four)

A blood curdling scream echoed around the room, deep red seeped through the brown cloth. The blade of the dagger sunk into flesh to its full length and pain spread through the nerves like a wildfire. Strange shrieks of distress emanated from the cage, and Tiga turned her head towards it slowly. She gritted her […]

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