Upcoming Novels (First Chapters)

wingding. Upcoming Novels wingding3

“Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Several novels and novellas by Shadow Summit are planned for the future. On this page, you can click through to have a sneak peek of several upcoming series and novels.

If you wish to contact the author, Shadow Summit, about any of these series and novels, please feel free to contact her by filling out this Contact Form or by emailing: shadowsummit@gmail.com

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy your exploration of the sneak peaks of these series.

wingding. Tales Of Ryllia wingding3

“Ryllia; a continent, a world, a saviour or a curse. Known so differently by every member of this realm, Ryllia is impossible to describe in so few words.”

The Tales of Ryllia series consists of stories all based in the world of Ryllia. Ryllia is a realm of adventurers, however, with adventures come challenges and opposition, but it takes true bravery to overcome these trials.


2017-08-19 (1)

2017-08-19 (2)

2017-10-02 (7)

wingding. Shadow’s Of The Light wingding3

“The world is on the brink of change, some are trying to form it to their own plans, we are working to shape it for the good of everyone.”

Shadow’s of the Light is a series that focuses on the movements of various characters within the intrigue of organisations working throughout the kingdom. New threats are rising to cause issues for the people of Alpania, Vegitar and the other provinces. Danger, betrayal and ultimately friendship is faced by all of those involved.


wingding. Stand-alone Novels wingding3

“Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips.” ~ MJ Bush

The following novels and novellas are stories that aren’t part of a series or are shorter tales. They range in genre from fantasy to romance.

2017-10-02 (10)

2017-10-02 (11)


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