Shifting Sands (Part Ten)

The new moon was like a curse, this view, Hasib later realized, was shared by others in the desert. The curse was not merely darkness, but there were other aspects. Darkness could be dispelled by torches, but there were creatures; creatures that were like a nightmare.

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Let’s Talk: Bad Days

Bad days, yup everyone has them, whether it’s one big moment or just a series of them, sometimes days just don’t go well. Today was one of those days for me and I’m currently writing this at 7:30pm. As a result of many little things my scheduled post wasn’t ready and I’m more annoyed than […]

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Liebster Award!!

So I woke up this morning to find that Philip Ridgers had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Here is a link to Philip’s response and nominations . I am so honoured to be nominated and honestly it was a huge, happy surprise. A bit of short information on Philip is that he is a musician and aspiring […]

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Shifting Sands (Part Nine)

If they were trying to be sneaky, they were doing a terrible job of it.

Hasib had noticed the presence of a lone rider following him shortly after he left the camp. They followed from a distance, making sure not to get too close. It didn’t take a genius to realise they were there however and Hasib kept an eye on them casually. When he stopped to take a drink his eyes studied the horizon behind him where a figure’s head peered above the dune.

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Let’s Talk: Exciting Plans

Hey you awesome people! First off thanks for all the support on my recent posts including the ‘Space Series’. It was really encouraging to see that you all liked the short ideas on them. Okay, with that said it’s time to look to the future. I’ve been working on a project over the past few […]

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