Let’s Talk: Merry (Late) Christmas!

wingding. Let’s Talk: Merry (Late) Christmas 2016! wingding3

Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate! And if you didn’t celebrate anything this year I hope you had a great day anyway. 😀

Personally I enjoyed a relaxed day with three brothers in which I ate almost too much food, which I feel is okay at Christmas, and watched several movies and played video games. I feel like it wasn’t a typical Christmas, but with most of the family away it was perfectly okay.

I was also lucky enough to receive a dragon-scale dice bag, which I am currently using to keep my coin loot in. XD


As I get older I find that I enjoy the giving of presents more than the receiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting gifts and am super dooper grateful when I do. However nothing quite matches the feeling when a member of your family or a friend has a giant smile on their face when they open a gift and reveal what’s inside.

When I was younger I would wait for my present and then tear it open and admire it with little attention to what is happening around me. Now I like to insist on every individual opening it one at a time so that I can see what everyone got.

Am I the only one that is like that?

Now onto food, nothing can go wrong with food… unless you are bad at cooking I suppose.


Australians do Christmas a little different, I believe, because here it is the middle of Summer and too hot to do anything big. My family had a set few recipes and dishes that we have every year… it’s like tradition.

Three of these are: BBQ Meat (we had chicken Kebabs this year), Curried Eggs and wonderful fruit punch.

We make fruit punch with a can of fruit salad, ginger ale, lemonade and tropical juice. It is simple and absolutely delicious!

Now Christmas time always makes me feel super grateful, since I have a wonderful family, a place to live and plenty of food to eat. I understand many people don’t have this luxury and it makes me realize how sometimes I can forget that.

Now I’d like to say something about a charity I love supporting. Now I’m by no means saying you should donate or forcing you to do anything, I just thought I’d say something about it since I personally think it’s pretty awesome. 🙂 (And no I’m not getting paid…I’m not popular XD )


Every year The Yogscast, a company and group of gamers who provide Youtube content all year round, do a live-stream (Jingle Jam) for the entire month of December to raise funds for charity. On these streams, they play video games, do karaoke, play D&D and be an all-round crazy bunch. They stream from December 1st to New Years at certain times of day, with a countdown and live donation amount and everything.

This year they have set charities that they have chosen but they also have the option to put the money towards another charity of your personal choosing.

Not only all of that but if you donate over $30 usd you get a ton of games… for free. :O O.O So if you are a gamer or perhaps have a friend/significant other/family who is super interested in games, this is also an incentive to you to donate. 😉

Already this year they’ve raised $2,374,457.12 USD and counting for charities and honestly that is pretty amazing.

Now as I stated before I just decided to point them out because I really like their stuff and what they are doing is pretty awesome! 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble and stuff. XD I hope you all had a good Christmas time!

As always you guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~


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