Let’s Talk: Life…just life…oh & Artwork

Hello there, you awesome people!

How is everything going? How have you been keeping yourself busy now days?

I have unfortunately been ill, thus there was no post for it’s scheduled release yesterday. At first I was in denial that I was once again unfortunate to have a cold, but alas it was true and now I am bed ridden even though the sun is shining outside.


On top of being sick, I was also preparing a speech/talk thing for a local youth event. My public speaking went well, though my legs and hands shook the whole way through.


NaNoWriMo is… well I have 25000 words but over the last three days I have written 300 words for it. So yeah I’m behind, but I hope to catch up. I have all the ideas, but it’s hard to write when you have a migraine and it is really hot!

On the other hand I am ready to release a few pieces of artwork for upcoming releases/stories/work. XD As mentioned in some of my previous posts I am doing a story swap with Angelina from Where Dragons Reside.

The stories title is ‘Luna Tide’ and the main character goes by the name… *drum roll* … Luna. XD She is a herbalist/healer and is an elf. I won’t give too much of the story away but I’m super pumped to focus on this soon before December. Anyway as inspiration for Luna Tide, I decided to get artwork of Luna done. So here she is, looking adorable in chibi form, let me know if you like it. 😀

‘LUNA’ Artwork by:   Elle-Rei

I also have a new twitter banner and artwork (which doesn’t seem to work on my WordPress Theme for some reason). The artist was Yumixko and although I ended up adding a shadow to it to make it stand out a bit more, and arranging it, the art is absolutely beautiful. 😀


Anyway, let me know what you think of the art and also let me know how you are all going!

You guys are all amazing, epic, incredible and absolutely awesome!



10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Life…just life…oh & Artwork

  1. I hope you feel better! It’s that time of year where the cold air starts getting all of us humans sick. I love the artwork of your character and banner :3 I know you’ll catch up for NaNo^^ Keep at it!

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    1. ❤ Thank you! Yeah, here in Australia it went from winter weather to summer heat in a matter of days… And heat is terrible when you have a temperature believe me. :/ I'm so glad you like the art I have Luna as my phone background, she's so cute :3 Thank you, I know I'll be focused ones this illness eases off but it's still a little discouraging. Thanks again, Akaluv! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! I hate when that happens – the quick change from cold to hot > <

        Ahh!! I have Assan's picture as a background on my phone :3 Isn't it fun when we can fangirl over our own characters?

        Relax your body and don't push yourself. Your health is important^^ Get better soon =)

        Liked by 1 person

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