A Letter to You

wingding. A Letter to You wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

Hi there!

What’s up my friend? Is it the ceiling, sky, universe, multi-coloured balloons or maybe rainbows dotted with lollipops?

Would you like to come and find a nice forest with a thick carpet of rich green grass? Perhaps we can put flowers in our hair, dip our feet in a cool stream and frolic through the trees.  We’ll go on a journey to the giant gingerbread house and run after the gingerbread man. He’s fast, but we are quicker, we have the power of the wind behind us. Let’s pick wild apples and eat till our stomachs are filled and take an afternoon nap in the sun.

We’ll follow that butterfly wherever it leads us and then cool down in the waterfall. I’ll have a pet unicorn and I’ll let you have a ride. Though I may pet your tiger, he likes you the most. We’ll release thousands of balloons into the sky and watch them until they’ve all drifted away.

The birds will perform concerts for us and the dragonflies will dance along. We’ll wear mysterious cloaks that flutter in the breeze and flap around us when we spin. We’ll have sword fights and defeat the ogres that are blocking a bridge.

Night time will bring more adventures, with toasted marshmallows and millions of constellations in the darkened sky.  We’ll party with the fireflies and wolves. I hear they love a good midnight party.

 A tree-house must be built of course and forts so we can invite our friends and have fort wars.We could live there for years and still have things to do. We can forget all our responsibilities, worries and headaches. Well I guess a person can dream, right?

Hope the real world is treating you well, my dear friend.


Your Imagination

~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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