wingding. Uranus wingding3

The universes jokester, he is constantly rolling on his side in laughter. He wears a light blue tunic and breaches and his brow is dotted with icy crystals. He is the entertainer, thus he says that he must dress the part. He may have a happy exterior but don’t think that he is weak. He has a rock hard spirit that doesn’t care what others may say about him or tease him about. He is the butt of many humanoid jokes, which he finds amusing rather than offensive.

He has twenty seven other entertainers who circle around him but he is the main act. He is so cool in fact that he never breaks a sweat and is said to be ‘cool as ice’ by the other entertainers. His fellow entertainers even adopted nicknames after a famous storyteller’s characters.

Compared to many of his fellow planets, he has a light-hearted presence to him, which many in the universe find soothing. Always up for a good laugh, he adds a lightness to the universe which is well received by all.

Part 8 of the Space Series. Hope you enjoyed! You guys are awesome.




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