wingding. Red wingding3

Flash Fiction by Shadow Summit

She always wears red. Scarlet silk drapes across her curves and delicately skims the floor. The colour red symbolizes extreme emotions such as love, anger, danger and adventure. She possesses all these characteristics and wears them with pride.

In all of this, above all, she is honest. She doesn’t do things halfheartedly and she won’t try to disguise her true feelings. Her fiery passion is as red as the blood in her veins. Her lover has every drop of her burning love and their romance will continue to burn for all their years.

Adventures with her can take you to watch the ruby sunset or to hang like bats in the trees of an orchard while biting into sweet, shiny red apples. She is a like a red rose amongst a bouquet of pale daisies, for she is bright and unique in any crowd.

Whenever I think of the colour red, all I can see is her.

~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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