wingding. Jupiter wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

She is the centre of the universe, or at least in her own eyes she is. She is surrounded with friends of varying status and strength and feels proud of her social standing.

She is beautiful, and even has a beauty spot on her chin. She talks in a high pitched laugh as she twirls around the universe. Her caramel coloured skin is accented by drapes of cloudy white fabric. An aura floats and shifts at her brow, her finest jewel.

She boasts of sixty seven close friends that would protect her from anything and flaunts her popularity. She however wakes early and goes to bed early too. She claims that such beauty must be worked hard for, thus she must get as much beauty sleep as possible. She has long wished to be the brightest in the universe, however the Sun, Moon and Venus continue to shine brighter.

She is the largest, most haughty planet in the universe, however, much like a friend who is just a little too selfish, the solar system still continues to love her.

Part 6 of the Space Series. Hope you enjoyed! You guys are awesome.




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