The Moon

wingding. The Moon wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

He is a bright beacon in the night sky, the lover of Earth. He reflects the sun’s love and loyalty toward earth, in his own way. He plays with Earth’s hair as if it were a precious cloth. He is the only other thing in the universe, other than the Sun, that physically effects Earth. He shivers from the pull of Earth, her beauty irresistible. He keeps his face and eyes turned towards Earth, because of his great love. He circles her continuously, being by her side for courage and light even on the darkest of nights.

His skin is the only other place that Earth’s humanoids have ever trod. Despite the visits from the humanoids in the past, it has been years since they last visited. Their footsteps no longer mark his skin and he wonders if perhaps it was all just a dream.

He is truly taken by his true love Earth and continues to watch her as the days and years pass, as if she were the only planet in the universe.

Part 11  of the Space Series, the final installment. I hope you enjoyed it! You guys are awesome and I’ve loved doing this series and getting your feedback.



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