Writing Prompt: Home Alone

Hey guys,

So my lovely fellow blogger Akaluv (A.M.Bradley) has started a casual writing prompt series on her blog. Her first prompt was/is Home Alone and she wrote a passage on the prompt herself and then encouraged us to write our own in the comment section.

There were a lot of replies to the prompt and it is a great way of seeing a snippet of writing from those in her community. Of course I also took part in it, and I enjoyed just letting my mind drive the short passage as I wrote it. So I thought I’d share it with you. I also added to it slightly, since it was only short and I felt it needed a little more. XD

You guys are awesome!


You’re home alone. Describe what you do when you are home alone or come up with your own story.

There I sat in the glow of my computer screen, my eyes barely noticing the lines of words I was supposed to be reading. I had in the day done too much to list, yet I felt as if nothing had happened. Now as I stayed up late into the night, my mind turned to more pleasant reflections. Things like apple groves and freshly baked pie from an oven. Then onto a forest gloomy with fog and a funny little creature I chose to name…Grog. There were adventures galore in the world I created, with waterfalls and long grassed meadows. I wasn’t my adult self in this world instead a young teenager with eyes of wonder and awe.

A creaking floor board woke me up from my oblivion, for it was late and I was home alone. I froze and listened for further indication from the floor, however the empty house was silent once more. I should have turned my attention to my study, however another thought entered my mind. Sometimes I pondered to myself, wondering if perhaps my house has a life of its own. With secret inhabitants that I cannot see, but who scale the walls and climbed my bookcase like a tree. They’d swim in the sink that dripped constantly, causing puddles to form on the stainless steal. My freezer was sometimes left slightly ajar and I’d close it for I must have left it that way. But perhaps it had not even been me, but the creatures who’d been ice-skating while I was asleep.

But this was just fiction, just part of my imagination. However sometimes I look in all the nooks and the cracks, hoping to find evidence of the secret inhabitants tracks.


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