wingding. Pluto wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

He was previously the smallest planet until he was stripped of his title as a planet. Betrayed by the great astronomers of the universe, he now continues on his track through the universe. His tears are frozen at the coldness of the betrayal. His path takes him to overlook the other planets in their cycle and brings him closer at times to his lord, the Sun.  He is hardened from years of lonesome existence outside the planetary group. He is annoyed at the fact that the astronomers judge him, even when they not long ago discovered his existence and know very little about him. Despite this fact, he knows, for a fact, that there are some on the mother planet, Earth, who don’t believe the astronomers and indeed still include him when they recite their ‘Planet Memory Jingles’. So even though his exile was the most hurtful thing to happen to him, he is strengthened by the trails he has faced.

Part 10 of the Space Series. Was that too much about the betrayal? Nah.

Pluto has always been my favourite planet *crosses arms stubbornly* and still is. I guess Earth should technically be my favorite since I live on it but… I have a fondness for the small guys. 😀 So I just had him be the poor exiled planet of the solar system, I wanted some pity for the poor soul.

*hugs Pluto affectionately* Who’s a good planet? You are!


😀 Alright I’m done. Haha I’m such a weirdo. So that does it for the planets, I’ll probably do one more post for the ‘Space Series’. I feel like the moon deserves his own post. 😀

As always you guys are awesome! 🙂 and I hope you enjoyed it!



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