Luna Tide

wingding. Luna Tide wingding3

By Shadow Summit

Luna Zarall is the local herbalist and healer for the coastal village of Dewmere. While collecting herbs in the mountain range behind Dewmere, Luna watches as a tsunami hits the village. With the entire layout of the land changed and still treacherous, Luna sets out to find her family. Along the way she meets a male fairy, Raine, who is also searching for his family.

Facing scavengers, slave traders and new creatures brought by the tsunami, Raine and Luna work together but soon find themselves outnumbered. Will they ever be reunited with their families?

This is story part of a gift swap project “Gift of a Short Story” which Angelina came up with over on her blog, Where Dragons Reside.

Angelina is an amazing blogger and has a book Deity’s Soulmate. I’m loved watching the progress of this novel and I immediately bought a copy when she released it. Be sure to go over there and show your support.

Angelina provided me with a short statement/idea and I was tasked with creating a short story from this. It was supposed to be only 4000 words but it turned into a novella sized story very quickly

Story Theme written by Angelina:

The elves lived happily until a natural disaster happened, dividing the towns and families. One elf is desperate to reunite with her family and maneuvers through the new strange landscape. On the way home, she meets a fairy who lost his family as well. What happens on the way back? Who do they meet? Do they get a happy ending?

Teaser/First Look Chapters:

2017-10-02 (9)

2017-10-02 (8)


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