The Street Urchin (Part Eight)

“So, my dear, you finally came to face me?” the smoky Tiga asked, tilting its head sideways.

“It was you!” Tiga growled, clenching her fist.

Tiga’s memory of her nightmare was still vivid in her memory and her heart pumped in her chest. She moved a step forward, gritting her teeth. This…creature…must have been the one who was causing it all. But why would it be doing this to her?

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The Street Urchin (Part Seven)

The store was quiet below her, but Tiga was wide awake. After seeing the wall of smoke approaching, it was surprising that anyone was sleeping. Tiga was unnerved and her neck was stiff from the stress. She rolled over for what seemed the seventh time in a minute and reached up to rub her neck.

A task force had been voted for and would set out into the smoke wall in the morning. With the body of Bodach being found, many of the villagers were reluctant to volunteer for the job. Jay, Cagar and Ethan had once again offered to be the ones who investigated. Tiga had stepped forward, trying to say that though it was dangerous, she was willing to accompany them. Her offer had been shot down in a second, Cagar and Jay both firmly opposing the idea.

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The Street Urchin (Part Five)

“A purple store?” Tiga asked incredulously. The shock Tiga felt to her eyes with the bright colour was evident in a raised eyebrow and crinkled nose. They had arrived in the village next to the lake and that’s when they had come across the general store. It was simple enough in design, made of planks […]

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The Street Urchin (Part Four)

A blood curdling scream echoed around the room, deep red seeped through the brown cloth. The blade of the dagger sunk into flesh to its full length and pain spread through the nerves like a wildfire. Strange shrieks of distress emanated from the cage, and Tiga turned her head towards it slowly. She gritted her […]

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