Shifting Sands (Part Thirteen)

Shifting Sands Chapter Thirteen The next day Hasib slept in late, the long night of keeping watch for the Barc and several days of travel had taken its toll. It was well past lunch when a Ramili child snuck into his darkened room and woke him with a gentle whisper. Hasib awoke almost immediately and […]

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Shifting Sands (Part Ten)

The new moon was like a curse, this view, Hasib later realized, was shared by others in the desert. The curse was not merely darkness, but there were other aspects. Darkness could be dispelled by torches, but there were creatures; creatures that were like a nightmare.

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Shifting Sands (Part Nine)

If they were trying to be sneaky, they were doing a terrible job of it.

Hasib had noticed the presence of a lone rider following him shortly after he left the camp. They followed from a distance, making sure not to get too close. It didn’t take a genius to realise they were there however and Hasib kept an eye on them casually. When he stopped to take a drink his eyes studied the horizon behind him where a figure’s head peered above the dune.

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Shifting Sands (Part Eight)

“How long have you been watching me?” Abdar asked, his voice thick.

“Just long enough to hear you mumble something about giant crabs and the impending doom of a massive coconut that was going to roll straight over the camp,” Hasib answered. “You sure say the weirdest things in your sleep.”

“Hey, that crab was damn scary,” Abdar answered, smiling slightly.

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Shifting Sands (Part Seven)

Shifting Sands Chapter Seven Hasib had sensed the sandstorm coming, shortly before the billowing wall of sand had appeared. The breeze, which had been blowing gently since that afternoon, began to get stronger. It grew into a billowing wind, stirring up the sand around Hasib. Hasib knew that if he was caught in the open, […]

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