The Raven’s Birth (Part 8)

Ravel fell ungracefully from the saddle and almost rolled into the shrubs along the thin path. His horse started to panic, it’s hooves stomping the ground near Ravel’s head. Ravel rolled over once more, out of the stampeding horse hooves. Ravel cursed as several branches scratched his exposed forearms. His legs and stomach began to cool, as the mud dampened his clothes and moisture seeped through.
“Everyone okay?” Prynda called.

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 7)

Several frogs croaked to each other in the nearby stream and the trees bent and swayed in the breeze. The tents also flapped, but luckily Marcy and Dervon were so exhausted the sound didn’t keep them awake. A light mist of rain had returned shortly after Ravel and Prynda had taken over the watch. Ravel […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 6)

“No offence, but you guys hardly look like you’re up to the task,” the gruff voice said bluntly. The group turned to see who had spoken, Ravel did as well but a little slower. The gruff voice belonged to an equally gruff looking, bearded man. He was wearing a green, plaid shirt and dirty pair […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 5)

Painful spasms coursed through Ravel’s buttocks and down his legs. He rolled his shoulders for about the fifth time in that minute, and lifted one hand to pull the hood further over his head. Constant rain fell, tingling on his face and hands almost as if they had begun to fall asleep. They pushed on […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 4)

Dervon had grounded his stance, his legs apart and his feet flat on the ground. His staff was held vertical to his body and his calloused hands held onto it tightly. Ravel however was light on his feet and was continuously shifting his weight from leg to leg. The moment the fight started however, Ravel […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 3)

It was dawn the next morning and Ravel had been ‘prepared’ for the journey. He had been stripped of his cloths and left to bathe, while his clothes were washed. A warm bath, which anyone else would have thought to be a luxury, was something Ravel dreaded. He didn’t care that others might think him […]

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The Raven’s Birth (Part 2)

The rusty iron gate groaned open, after the clanking of keys unlocked it. Ravel opened his eyes, but remained still as he lent against the hard stone wall. He hadn’t been asleep and he had resorted to daydreaming to pass the time. Ravel also had to distract himself from the hollow feeling in his stomach. […]

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