Valentines Day 2018

❤ ❤ Valentines Day 2018! ❤ ❤

Happy Valentines Day!


Chibird ~ Mail Ghost Love


Hello, you gorgeous person! That’s right, today is Valentines Day and you know what I spent it doing? Being ill, because overnight my cold decided to murder my throat and head. Oh, I also looked at a house to rent, which by the way is so much fun.

Anyway, you’ll find several different kinds of people on Valentines Day from the couples, the singles who wish they had someone, the singles that celebrate their singleness or the people who want to boycott it because of the commercialized aspect of it.

I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day, never have, I’ve also never really had a significant other so there’s no real point. I’ve also said that I prefer the Japan version of Valentines Day followed by White Day, it seems sweeter somehow.


Chibird ~ Sending You Love


However, for you sweet couples out there, I hope you have fun celebrating your love together, whether that is by delivering flowers and chocolates to each other or sitting at home with a pile of food while wearing sweatpants and cuddling, or (for all you couples that aren’t with each other) by sending a cute message of appreciation and love. Gosh, I love when people care about each other, it’s truly wonderful!


And for all my single people out there, your worth isn’t measured by whether you have someone by your side with the title of ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’, ‘fiancee’, ‘wife/husband’, etc. Treat yourself to dinner or a box of chocolates, or message some friends who care for you and you care about. Love doesn’t always have to mean romantic love, it can be the love between friends and family too. Hugs all around!

Chibird ~ Virtual Hug

So whatever you are doing this Valentines Day, have fun and relax!

You guys are awesome!


Image Credit: Chibird ~ Makes the cutest gifs and art ever! And

~ ❤ ~wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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