Daydreamer Project Update #1 January

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Update #1 January

Hey Ryllian Recruits,

I hope your month of January was fulfilling and awesome!

My January was a mix, and my February has started with illness, but I’m determined to continue to improve and achieve goals this year.

Instead of making a wall of text describing my January I decided to dot point what I did and didn’t achieve last month.

  1. Go for a walk every morning: I’ll admit this was hard. I started with the first week going strong, a walk every day, I even increased it to a jog for portions of my routine in the following week. Then came the 40-degree Celsius (104-degree Fahrenheit) plus heat and my inspiration decreased. The last two weeks not many morning walks have happened, but I plan on getting back to it after I get over this illness.
  2. Do a workout routine every weekday: Haha, yeah… maybe in later months I’ll start the hard workout routine… let’s start with the regular walks. 😀
  3. Stretching routine daily: Stretching is hard… especially when working on leg flexibility. Stretches and wall flexing has helped, but I’m yet to see a sizable difference. But I’m hopeful!
  4. Monthly dance routine: No routined dancing happened, though a few random dance parties were happening when I was alone. 😀
  5. Write daily: I managed to write something every day, although nothing significant. More planning writing than anything else.
  6. Release blog posts 3 days a week: Instead of blog posts, I ended up designing a logo for my mum’s new business as well as practice artwork. I plan on getting in a blog post routine in March at the latest hopefully before. 🙂
  7. Apply for jobs (editing and other): I have acquired a part-time job, but I’m still applying for editing jobs since I’d love a job at a publisher.
  8. Undertake a ‘Random Adventure’ every Saturday: I finally went to the ‘big-smoke,’ i.e., Melbourne, Australia, and I was pleasantly surprised by how it wasn’t as stressful as I imagined. I traveled on a train, tram, and bus for the first time and the tram was a cramped experience. Growing up in the country and then getting my license I never had a need to catch public transport, but now I have… although now I have no things to say when playing ‘Never Have I Ever’, which is sad.
  9. Save money towards a trip to Canada at the end of 2018: The saving plan has started, but now I have a part-time job, I plan on putting more towards my trip. Also trying to convince a friend to travel with me… why do people have to be so busy nowadays?
  10. Learn video editing: I did record video, but then my editing program wouldn’t accept the files until just the other day, but I have been looking into the different programs and watching videos to learn.
  11. Complete a highly edited video every quarter: I’m working on this, I don’t have the best camera in the world, but I plan on working on a video for the end of March/start of April.
  12. Complete my ‘Stolen Words’ transmedia story: Haven’t worked on this but I’m planning to pick it up in a few months.
  13. Complete ‘Sorrow’s Blade’ novel and begin editing process for late year submissions: Writing has been on and off for this project, I’m still fighting my urge to write multiple stories at one. The inspiration is there, I just have to focus it and start writing sessions with my music, cold drinks, etc.
  14. Record some of each day, recording my progress and thoughts on the project for a weekly video: I’ve decided to scratch this part of the project… my life just isn’t that interesting. I feel it would get very repetitive very quickly. I’ll make videos but probably as the edited video every quarter.

And I think that is it! I feel like I didn’t achieve much, but then I did by myself an art tablet and I love using it, although I’m a complete beginner when it comes to making art.

I love you guys. Stay awesome!

Shadow Summit

Image Credit: Kai-ji

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