Let’s Talk: Writing Goals 2018

wingding. Let’s Talk: Writing Goals 2018 wingding3

Blog Post by: Shadow Summit

Hey, guys!

As writers it’s good for us to set goals and deadlines, it helps to keep us focused and achieving what we want to with our writing.


There are also those of us who are over-ambitious; we set goals that are too big or that would take more time than we set for them. If we are over-ambitious we can cause ourselves more stress and therefore achieve less than we could if we just aimed for something more achievable.


So with that in mind… I’ve set some huge goals, probably not attainable for only a year but oh well. Here are my writing goals for 2018!

  1. Publish a blog post 2-3 times a week
  2. Finish writing Luna Tide and post it online
  3. Complete Sorrow’s Blade
  4. Edit Sorrow’s Blade
  5. Put Sorrow’s Blade through beta-readers
  6. Complete Stolen Words on my transmedia site
  7. Complete writing Shifting SandsThe Street Urchin or The Raven’s Birth

And there you go! It’s not a very long list, however, each point involves a lot of work and writing so it’ll be sure to keep me busy.


What are your goals for 2018 writing or otherwise?

As always, you guys are awesome!


Main Image by: Saiga Tokihito

Gifs from: Tumbr and Giphy

~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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