The Daydreamer Project 2018

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Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey Ryllian Recruits!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good 2017 and are ready for 2018.

I’ll be making a post later this week with my writing goals for this year. However, this post is detailing a specific personal project I have decided to take on in 2018, all 365 days of it. I’ve chosen to call the project The Daydreamer Project. I came up with this idea after watching “The Greatest Showman” (which I loved btw).

What is the Daydreamer Project I hear you ask?… well none of you really asked me… but I’ll let you know anyway!

Last year I was in the state of change. However, I also found myself imagining real-life scenarios and dreams. While as a writer I’ve always had an extremely active imagination, it was usually restricted to books and stories. As I grow older, I find myself daydreaming or hoping for my own future and adventures. I’ve always made up excuses as to why it would never happen or get my hopes up for it to never be realised. This year, I plan to actively pursue some passions and dreams that I’ve always wanted to do. From flexibility training to learning different styles of dance or completing my first proper novel, they are all things I always imagined doing as a kid but never had the commitment to do. 2018 is a time to change that!

I’ve listed off the main things I’ve thought of for the moment, the list may be extended or adjusted if I achieve some of them.

  1. Go for a walk every morning
  2. Do a workout every weekday
  3. Stretching routine daily
  4. Learn a dance routine monthly (likely a Kpop one cause they are awesome)
  5. Write daily
  6. Release blog post 3 times a week
  7. Apply for editing or online media jobs
  8. Undertake a ‘Random Adventure’ every Saturday
  9. Save money towards a trip to Canada at the end of 2018
  10. Learn video editing
  11. Complete a highly edited video every quarter
  12. Complete my ‘Stolen Words’ transmedia story
  13. Complete ‘Sorrow’s Blade’ novel and begin editing process for late year submissions
  14. Record some of each day, recording my progress and thoughts on the project for a weekly video.

I’m hoping that on December 31st, 2018 I can proudly say that I’ve achieved these points to the best of my ability.

I was going to have a video to go with this post however the programs weren’t working properly so the first of the Daydreamer Project weekly videos will start next Monday on the 8th.

Here’s to a year of achieving dreams, goals and everything we put our minds to!

You guys are awesome!


(c)ShadowSummit 2016-2018

Image Credit: Kai-ji

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