Let’s Talk: Regretful Update

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Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there Ryllian Recruits!

How are all you wonderful people going? I hope you are all going well and that lots of writing and projects are getting finished. Hope your smashing your goals for the year!


Okay so this post is semi-serious, semi-sad and semi-justanotherpost. So as you know I haven’t really been posting much for most of the year, due to moving and starting study. Now the course I’m studying is full-time, but at the start I thought I’d still have plenty of time to post at least two times a week. This has turned out to be a too higher goal for me to achieve however. The course work is super high, and it requires nearly full time attention outside of classes as well as in classes.

Here is a list of things I’m going to be doing by the end of the year so you can see a rough thing of what I’m doing, just for the course.

  1. Practice application for a grant as well as a possible real one.
  2. An entire Non-fiction book, which needs to be planned and written in five months.
  3. Undertake a transmedia project. This involves writing a complete story as well additional information, background and interactive element for the audience. Transmedia also requires the set up of multiple platforms. This project is required to be finished by mid-year.
  4. Manage and editing team as well as edit and entire book. I will also be undertaking the publishing and design element of publishing this book as well. Included in this is a book launch party which we will also be planning advertisement for.
  5. Write at least two publishable short stories: fully edited and work-shopped.
  6. Write several stories of varying length and submit for the book we are publishing.
  7. Undertake journalistic events and take images and report on them.
  8. And more in the second half of the year for two other subjects.

All of these are in addition to assignments and other homework that the teachers choose to give us throughout the week, which requires just as much work.


So as you can imagine, these aspects are stressing me out.

So I’m afraid I’ll be taking a bit of a break from blogging this year. I’m really disappointed that this has to happen, but it has to happen otherwise I’ll be a brainless blob by the end of it all.

I will still be posting every now and then with stories and projects I make in class. And I’ll be launching my Transmedia Story which I hope you will all help me by checking it out.

I’ll try to make it up to you all by checking out your posts and books. πŸ™‚

I hope you can all support me in this and welcome me back at the end of the year. Argh, to be honest, this really sucks…

I love you guys.

Stay awesome!



~ ❀ ~ wingding3 ~ ❀ ~

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