Let’s Talk: WordPress Writers Skype Group

Let’s Talk: WordPress Writers Skype Group

Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there recruits!

I know I’ve been away but you won’t believe what I’ve been doing!

It all started when I met a small, ferret-like creature in the woods near my house. Well, I thought it was a ferret, though I didn’t really see it. I guess it could have been a rabbit. It actually makes more sense if it was a rabbit. Okay~

It all started when I met a rabbit in the woods near my house. Well, I’m assuming it’s a rabbit because it’s the most likely creature. Anyway, I heard the rustle and I started to follow. It was like my curiosity took over my body and I became oblivious to the duties I had set myself for the day. I pushed through the bushes and felt twigs hit my arms and body, yet still I delve further.

I saw something red flashing through the gaps in the bushes. It glowed and lured me forwards. I eventually emerged from the bushes to see a giant sign. I stared at it for a moment, not quite knowing what to do. I didn’t know how to react to what it said. It was so daunting, so overwhelming. But the sign continued to flash with the words:

Life Responsibilities


Haha. 😀 … i.e. life, gotta hate it sometimes.

So I shall be releasing a blog post tomorrow in response to a Narnia Book Tag that Nightsong, of CreativeMinds101, tagged me in so that will be fun.

Now onto the reason for the title of this post!

The beautiful and talented Akaluv from the A.M.Bradley blog, has started a Skype group for WordPress writers. So a huge thanks to her for having this idea, since I believe that it is pretty awesome. It’s a place that we can all connect and share, in the ease of a Skype chat. So if you are a writer of anything be it stories, poetry, fantasy, romance, etc. join in with the link below.


It will be fun to connect in a quick way and be able to get feedback or bounce ideas off fellow writers. I look forward to seeing you all join in!


As always you guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3  ~ ❤ ~

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