Let’s Talk: Conversations Ramble

wingding. Let’s Talk: Conversations Ramble wingding3

Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there Ryllian Recruits,

Have you ever been on a drive with someone and gotten into a deep or just an awesome conversation and then suddenly you are at your destination and you have to stop? Or been at a coffee shop chatting with a friend and then the shop is closing so you sadly hug your friend and say goodbye with sad music playing in the background as the rain patters the window panes? XD


The truth is conversations are fun, especially when you are around awesome friends or families. Being an introvert means I enjoy my alone time but at the same time if I’m around family or close friends I can get a little crazy. Humour and laughing, serious and problem solving conversations, they are all great.

I’m not just talking about conversations you have in person but also Skype or phone calls or messages. You can talk with people overseas (I find people all around the world who are the nicest people ever) with just a press of a button, you can have a conversation. I even enjoy receiving and sending letters. I KNOW! People still write letters to each other, amazing. XD


Now some of you may be wondering what this has to do with anything, and honestly I don’t know. I feel that now days conversations are getting less and less but they are essential for our mental and overall health. It’s easy to just sit on computers and watch Netflix and YouTube or have the casual conversations like “What are you doing this week?” etc, but real conversations are so much more than that.

Emotions. Yup we all have them and usually we want to share them, even if it’s just in little ways, via a joke or a ‘urgh don’t you just hate arrogant people’. There has been many a dislike that has been dissolved from my heart merely by talking it out with a friend and realizing that the problem wasn’t really that earth shattering in the first place. Emotions dictate our actions and words therefore conversations are needed to express these to other people.

Now on another note, I’ve been asked in the past as to why I don’t write modern time pieces of fiction and why I focus on medieval/victorian/other period settings. The truth is that I find the culture, the conversations, the settings and the stories to be far superior. Don’t get me wrong, modern stories can be relatable but personally I love travelling to a different time period through reading.


I personally wish I could live in times of quaint manners, where ladies could be ladies and gentlemen were gentlemen. Of course this is the romanticized view of that time period but still those balls and social occasions look like so much fun in movies. XD


Anyway to summarize what I’m trying to say is that talking to people is awesome, whether that be online or in person. Conversation forms relationships and relationships form life stories and life stories often inspire fictional stories. 😀

I’ve rambled on. XD I love you guys. ❤

As always you are all awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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